P2: Large S ga. Layout Under Construction In Williamsport

The attached photos show the benchwork for Steve R's S gauge layout, who lives in Williamsport, Pa.

 Photo 1 - Here's Steve.  That pile of boxes that he has his hand on, is ALL S Helper Service (Showcase Line) code 125 flextrack.
Steve says he has about 1340 feet of it.  This was the last of the   S Helper  Service inventory, plus additional inventory he got from some other train shops.

((As you may know, the Chinese company Sanda Kan (owned by Kadar) abruptly stopped producing all the smaller manufacturers products,
so the supply of a lot of S gauge trains is "drying up".))

 Photo 2 - This photo shows 2 pieces of Hobby Innovations "Flexbed" flexible gray vinyl roadbed.
The piece on the left is 1/4" thick, and the piece on the right is 3/8" thick.

Steve has on order about 1400 feet of the 3/8" size.
Steve says this roadbed is the kind that S Helper Service is currently recommending for use with their flex track.

Steve also has on order 40 #5 switches, and 50 #6 switches from Tom's Turnouts.

 Photo 3 - This was taken from the left rear corner of the room.   Room size is about 26 ft x 26 ft.
This will be the largest S gauge layout that we know about in this area -- until you go west to State College or south to Northumberland.

Photo 4 - This shows the center of the room.
The holes you see in all the cross members, are for wiring.

Photo 5 - This shows the right side of the room.

 Photo 6 - This is taken from the right rear corner of the room.

Photo 7 - Another shot taken from the right rear corner of the room.
Steve designed this so there are no "duck unders"; the parts in the middle are "islands".
The width of the island in front of the camera is 6 ft wide (3' max reach to center).
The width of the other island where Steve is standing is 7 ft wide (3-1/2' max reach to center).